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Mabuhay ! I’m Theodore Day Salonga-a foodie and proud Filipino from south of Manila-Santa Cruz, Laguna ! I love to eat, and I love to cook. But sometimes what I love most is when someone else cooks. And when that person tempts my palate with sumptuous creations, I am inspired to eat more, to cook more and to dine more. Cooking is  25% technique + 25% Ingredients + 50% Inspiration.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with Myositis-a rare muscle dis-ease, affecting 5 in 1 million people. It did not stop me from cooking and living a life of my dreams. Placing my heart in every dish I create, I have reached my inner strength beyond my own limitations, proving my dis-ability has not won.  I am a Pinoy on a mission : to cook, eat and celebrate life !

Chef by Day is about my obsession and curiosity about food, cooking and culture. This site allows me to share part of my heritage, memories, and collection of culinary adventures and discoveries.
My hope is that this site will teach you techniques and recipes, encourage you to try new things, and inspire you to create new dishes.
I Cook, I Eat and I Celebrate Pinoy Life !!!

Comments?(welcome),  Critisms?(even more welcome) 
or Suggestion? (most welcome) 

Email : daysalonga@mondaychefs.com

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