Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adobong Dilaw

This month's Kulinarya Cooking Club's Challenge is inspired by the colors of the Philippine Flag.


1. You have to use and show Red, White, Blue and Yellow (or shades of them) on your dish from plate or bowl to the garishing.
2. You may include the color of your garnish for as long as it is an edible garnish
3. You may only use one color on ONE non-food item
4. You may use any ingredients for as long as your dish is based or inspired by Filipino food
5. Use of food coloring is allowed for as long as it came from natural ingredients (NOT artificial coloring)

I wish to not complicate and confuse my readers for the visual rules that this challenge requires, So, I am posting a simple recipe patriotically plated and presented... Adobong Dilaw  (yellow), Itlog na Pula at Kamatis (red), Steamed Rice (white) on Blue plate ....

Photo by Chef Mon Urbano
Adobong Dilaw

1 kg Pork Liempo, adobo cut
1/2 c vinegar
as needed Salt
1/2 c water
3-4 pcs Galanggal, choped
1/2 bulb Garlic, finely chopped
Oil as needed

Procedure :

Saute garlic and galanggal until aromatic. Add liempo, vinegar, ground peppercorns and water. Season with salt. Over low heat, simmer until reduced. Adjust taste by adding more salt (according to taste). Stir occasionally until desired doneness.

Garnish : Pansit Pansitan ( this is another story-- will post a recipe soon! )

Food Notes :

1. Serve over Steamed Rice, Fresh Tomatoes and Homemade Itlog Na Pula (Salted Egg) ! 
2. I like my adobong dilaw a little "tostado" --When starting to render fat, fry until brown and crispy!
3. This is my 2nd version of Adobo Recipe here, and there are 7,106 more !


  1. love love love your entry!Favorite o ang adobo paired with itlog na pula!

  2. simplicity is beauty! love the plating :)

    what is galanggal?

    love you day!

  3. Perfect combination and itlog na pula always a good pair for adobo. Thank, Chef!

  4. Oh my goodness, Adobong Dilaw! I've only eaten it twice but I really love it! The flavor of galanggal makes this dish more appetizing! And with salted eggs and your beautiful plating, the dish looks even more appealing!

  5. this is the type of adobo I can't get enough of .... and you made it even better with that salted egg .... great take on the theme ... :)

  6. I don't think I've ever had adobong dilaw- a travesty! But oh, how I love salted egg... would love one now, actually!

  7. i had adoboong puti but never had adobong dilaw. Like Dudut my question is waht is galanggal. sorry for the ignorance Chef. Great tribute to the flag!


  8. So true how many variations of adobo there are. Like Malou, never had this version. I'm off to get galanggal -- can't wait to try this.

  9. Thank you KCC peeps for checking out my post ! Happy Cooking !

  10. I love the plating...salted egg and adobo is like heaven for me! I miss breakfast back home:(

  11. Chef this is great version of adobo and never thought of having galanggal in it.

  12. I never had adobong dilaw, must try this soon. The plating is lovely to look at.

  13. Hi,, now i'm craving for this. Drooling ;)I like your version of the adobo, i like the addition of galangal.

    I know it's been a while. I've been so busy but i will be able to this theme ;) will be posting mine soon.

  14. OMG!!! ;) My apologies, Chef ;) for some reason i thought this blog was Dahlia's So sorry ;( But i meant what i said that i like your adobo version. Sorry talaga!

  15. It's ok =) how is chef dahlia (energetic chef) ??

    Hope to see your post soon !!! thanks for the visit !

    @abigail -- thank you ! you should try this recipe !=)

  16. What a beautiful plated dish. Sounds delicious too!

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