Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mini Longa Burger

This month's KULINARYA host Louie challenge is to create a quick bite from a traditional Pinoy favorite. 

Long before the US Food Truck Revolution, there was Jolly Jeep. Behind those tall and glass buildings inside Makati City's business district are carinderias (food stores) on wheels offering home cooked meals to professionals, blue collar workers and students. One staple dish on their menu is Longanisa, eaten with fried rice, plain rice or a bun.  Pinoy sausage has been on Philippine tables for hundreds of years, a Spanish influence which evolved to our own unique taste. Coming home from school when I was a kid, My mom would make us merienda- toasted lucban sausage in a hot soft pandesal- it sure made a fun childhood food memory !

My take on this month's challenge is my version of sausage sandwich- Here's my easy and no fuss Mini Longa Burgers ..


1 doz Longanisa, skin removed
2 tblspn Flour
8 Mini Buns
Sour Cream or Cheddar Cheese (optional)


Combine longanisa and flour. Make into small patties (about 8 pcs).

Cook in a griddle pan until sides are slightly toasted.

Place in buns with tomatoes, sour cream or cheddar cheese.

Food Notes :
1. There are basically two types of Longganisa, the deredaco- garlicky (batangas, vigan, lucban) and the hamonado-sweet (Pampanga)
2. I personally like the derecado-garlicky !


  1. Oh yes, mini longaburgers or sliders would be a big food truck seller anywhere in the world.

  2. YUMMY! I can eat half a dozen of your mini longaburger in one sitting!

  3. Jollijeeps, indeed! I remember them during my short stint working in Makati area ages ago. We had our favorites and they serve not only snacks but lunch of course. Literally carinderia on the go.

    Lucban longganisa is at the top of my list, too :-)

  4. It is a short and simple recipe. Thanks for sharing. I can almost picture your childhood eating this wonderful

  5. I've tried Lucban longganisa but I have to say the sour ones from Ilocos would be my all-time favorite! haha I would eat this in a heartbeat. :D